Prepare for your exams quickly and like a real pro! The powerful search tool and reading/notes interlinking allow you to save precious time when jumping between subjects so that you can focus on the hardest material


The set of the configured keyboard shortcuts allow you to add to your serachable and bookmarked notes without leaving reading.


Free up time and streamline your studies! After taking notes with edunote yo will be able to compose any related essay, respond to discussion forums and learning journals with details that no other student can!

Why You’ll Love EduNotes?

Edunotes is a student's dream - learn now and create a mind map of your interlinked knowledge with your book and reading for years to come. Easy review and bookmarking will let you jump into any subject of any class.

Perfect For

  • Saving study time
  • Breaking down the material
  • Using your notes for years to come!
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Online education
  • Organizing your study notes
  • Linking notes and reading
  • Writing essays based on blocks of notes
  • Understanding any subject much better
  • Material review & exam preparation